Development & training

All CSS employees are given a wide range of opportunities to continue to learn and develop their skills throughout their career.

Work 4.0: digital cooperation
Work 4.0

Training opportunity for CSS employees entitled "Me in the World of Work 4.0"

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Continuing professional development is a core value at CSS

Our employees benefit from a large number of basic and advanced training courses held in-house each year. The CSS learning culture aims to enhance the employability of the people who work for us, while at the same time boosting the company's competitiveness. We're convinced that the best way for employees to learn and develop is to let them choose for themselves. We therefore expect and allow each individual to take personal responsibility for determining their development goals and needs.

We are a member of the digitalswitzerland organisation and committed to lifelong learning.

Digital transformation is changing the world – and we're changing too

In our fast-paced world, we also have to keep changing and moving. CSS runs a series of information events for employees to satisfy this need: seminars, brown bag talks over lunch, strategy talks in the evening and webinars.

In addition, our employees can acquire and expand their digital literacy and job skills using digital learning platforms and apps, without being tied to any particular place or time.

We support you so we can move forward together

We provide our employees with guidance and help them set their next development goals. CSS offers them personal evaluations of their careers and skills to date as well as advice on further training and the general job situation. Together, we prepare for the future.

CSS also provides financial support and time off work for employees to attend external training courses.

Individual development programme for employees in management positions

The faster the world moves, the more important leadership and guidance become. Our managerial staff – be they functional, line, strategic or project managers – serve as role models, inspiring others and pointing the way forward. That's why developing employees in management positions is one of our top priorities.

Our special inPULL leadership development programme enables individuals to develop in a way that suits their needs. We assist and support our managers, allowing scope for a change of perspective and motivating them to break out of old patterns. We are keen for people to reflect on how effective they are as leaders and to continue to develop themselves.

Furthermore, we support external leadership training courses and have joined forces with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to champion an optimum mix of theory and practice under its CAS 'Dual' Leadership module.