Mission and vision

Your health is important to us. That’s why we're by your side on your journey through life – whether that means staying healthy, getting well or living with illness. We make financial contributions towards activities that keep you fit and healthy. And we provide you with guidance and support in making decisions regarding health and healthcare.

Our vision

Being healthy, getting well or living with illness: we devote all our expertise and passion to providing the best for our clients, as their preferred partner.

Our mission

Our mission serves as a compass that guides everything we do.

Simply for you.
CSS is one of Switzerland’s most-trusted health insurers. That is what sets us apart. But something more important motivates and drives us: being the preferred partner for healthcare. We are highly efficient and close to our clients.
Naturally for you.
We never stand still. Whenever the world and healthcare system change, we keep pace and move things forward. Whenever needs change, we adapt. Wherever our clients go, we go too. We're here for them.
Human through and through.
We are happy to listen to your concerns. Questions get answered. Problems get solved. Because we want to be more than a smoothly-run company – we want to be your partner, too.
Personalised for you.
We offer a wide range of products and services. But it’s the way our values inform our actions that makes us unique – and the best choice of insurer for everyone. In other words, we’ll always be by your side, meeting – or even exceeding – your expectations.