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Organisation and history

CSS is an insurance company that can look back on 120 years of experience. When it comes to their health, some 1.78 million people place their trust in the CSS Group.

What is CSS Insurance?

Founded as a Christian self-help organisation by 60 women and men in St Gallen in 1899, the CSS Group is now one of Switzerland's leading health, accident and property insurers. It is the market leader in basic insurance. The abbreviation has remained unchanged ever since: CSS stands for the Christian Social Health Insurance Company of Switzerland.

How did CSS Insurance become market leader?

In 1947, the number of persons insured with CSS reached 200,000 for the first time; in 1987, the company passed the one-million-client milestone. CSS acquired the customers and staff of the Accorda general health insurance company in 2004 and founded Arcosana. In 2005, Auxilia Kranken-Versicherung AG became part of the CSS Group, followed three years later by INTRAS. In 2020, the subsidiary Sanagate was also merged more closely with the CSS Group at the organisational level.

Drawing on its long and proud tradition, the CSS Group insures a total of 1.78 million people. CSS is the market leader in basic insurance, having earned the trust of 1.385 million people in this line of business. The company fosters close ties with those it insures, with over 100 branches throughout Switzerland and some 2,700 staff.

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