Eating healthily at the workplace: lunch ideas

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It isn't always easy to combine healthy eating with the daily work routine. The current situation is aggravated by the fact that canteens are partially closed or only offer a limited menu. So is there an easy way to get all the nutrients you need and prevent your performance from slumping?

It starts at breakfast

To start the day off well, it's a good idea to replenish your energy reserves in the morning. Not everyone likes to have breakfast, especially when this means eating early in the morning. However, it is generally advised to eat a nutritious breakfast after getting up. This replenishes the body’s energy reserves that have dropped during the night and ensures that concentration and performance levels remain sufficiently high.

But those who don’t like eating early in the morning shouldn’t force themselves. This would be a shame, especially if the breakfast has been carefully selected and painstakingly prepared. It can easily be postponed to a break later in the morning.

Bring your own lunch – easy and healthy

The meal-prepping trend is the way to go. If you cook in the evenings, the best thing is to prepare enough for lunch the next day or even for more meals. However, this doesn't mean that you have to eat exactly the same meal the next day. Why not cook individual components like carbohydrates, vegetables and meat as well as sauces and dips in larger quantities, then pack and freeze them, and take them in new combinations to the office?

Tips for a healthy lunch:

  • Wholemeal products are satiating and good for digestion. Go for wholemeal bread and pasta, and brown rice.
  • Supplement your lunch menu with raw vegetables such as lettuce, cress, sprouts, sliced peppers, cucumber, tomato, kohlrabi and carrots, or a seasonal fruit.
  • Low-fat cheese (cottage cheese, hard cheese), hard-boiled eggs, tuna, yoghurt or quark are ideal for adding protein.
  • Choose lean meats such as cold roasts, air-dried beef, dried turkey or ham with no fatty rinds.

Eating healthily when out and about

There are also lots of healthy and nutritious take away options, with the range growing almost by the day! A healthy choice would be a low-fat option such as a salad, pasta with chicken, a soup or a lean sandwich with wholemeal bread. Since the amount of vegetables and fruits in these products is generally low, supplement your needs at another meal. In other words, ensure that what you’re missing from lunch is incorporated into your breakfast, dinner or daily snacks – and buy seasonal and regional produce if possible, as these fruits and vegetables are the richest in nutrients.

How to eat at lunchtime

  • Consciously schedule a break for lunch, and leave your workplace.
  • Take your time to eat and savour your food – even fast food can be eaten slowly.
  • Eat outdoors or go out for a breath of fresh air afterwards. This stimulates circulation and supplies the body’s cells with fresh oxygen.
  • While you’re away, air the office.