Daily Sickness Indemnity Insurance: comprehensive cover for companies and their employees

Daily Sickness Indemnity Insurance protects you and your employees against the financial consequences of absences owing to illness.

The advantages for you

  • Your obligation to continue salary payments is transferred to CSS.
  • Attractive surplus participation.
  • Declare salaries electronically.
  • Support in reintegrating employees after a long-term illness.
  • Save on OPA premiums.

Good to know

Obligation to continue salary payments
The Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) requires companies to continue to pay salaries for a reasonable period of time whenever their employees are unable to work owing to illness or accident. A “reasonable period of time” has been defined by Swiss courts in the form of three continued salary payment scales (the Bern, Zurich and Basel scales).
Insurance obligation
Collective labour agreements (CLAs) govern how employees are insured and how insurance premiums are split between employer and employee. Companies must comply with these requirements.
Coordination with Federal Disability Insurance
The Occupational Pensions Act (OPA) states that when Daily Sickness Indemnity Insurance is taken out, the waiting period for a disability pension from the occupational benefit plan may be deferred from 12 to 24 months. For this to happen, the following conditions must be satisfied: the insurance pays for incapacity to work as a result of illness for at least 720 consecutive days; at least 80% of the salary is insured; and the employer pays at least 50% of the insurance premium.

Tailored insurance cover

We provide you with the insurance cover that your business needs. You determine the level of the insured daily indemnity (between 80% and 100% of salary) and the length of the waiting period (between 0 and 360 days). In addition, we offer CLA-compatible solutions. 

Exactly the right insurance

Advantages for SMEs
We have the best possible insurance solutions for small companies.
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Better cover for mothers-to-be
Improve the maternity benefits for your female employees.
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Case management
We help your employees return to work after an illness.
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The advantages for you

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