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Fall prevention – safety in everyday life

Do you often feel unsteady when walking, or do you suffer from dizziness or need optical aids such as glasses or contact lenses? All of these factors contribute to making you feel unsteady on your feet. This increases your risk of falling.

With expert advice you can reduce this risk. The Swiss Rheumatism League (Rheumaliga Schweiz) offers senior citizens living independently personal advice on how to prevent falls. 

Our offer for you: Fall prevention

Advantages of fall prevention

  • Increasing awareness – tripping hazards are discussed and rectified at your home.
  • Safety – an exercise programme (strength and balance), which is individually tailored to your needs, helps to reduce your risk of falling.
  • Independence – reducing the risk of falling maintains your quality of life and supports you in independent living.

Are you interested?

Fall prevention is carried out at your home. Please contact the Swiss Rheumatism League directly – they will contact us to check the payment of costs. As soon as CSS has given its confirmation, a specialist will contact you and arrange to visit you at home.

Further details about fall prevention

Specialists in physiotherapy and ergotherapy check your living conditions for fall hazards, and put together an individual exercise programme for you to help with balance and strength.

  • The costs of personal fall prevention are met in full by CSS Insurance, provided you are insured with CSS or Intras and have supplementary medical costs insurance.

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Do you have any questions?

Our client specialists will be happy to answer your questions in person.