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For the sake of your back – web-guided back exercises

Back pain can make everyday life very difficult. It's often caused by incorrect posture, being overweight, or a lack of exercise. With the Kaia app, we offer you easy access to effective therapy for your back. As the first web-based therapy of its kind, the app combines multi-modal pain treatment with physiotherapy exercises, relaxation and educational modules about back pain and how to treat it. Comprised of over 300 back exercises, your personal treatment plan adapts constantly to your individual needs. You decide when, where and how often you do the exercises, preventing back pain, or alleviating it in the long term.

Our offer for you: Web-based back exercises

For the time being the offer is only available in German.

Benefits of online exercises

  • Exercises are not tied to any particular time or place
  • Exercises are adjusted continually in line with your needs
  • You learn relaxation exercises
  • You learn how pain happens, and how to treat it
  • A coach is on hand to chat about your questions and give you motivation
  • Using the app in free for three months, providing you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS Insurance or Intras


Order a licence code from our CSS Health Coach, then download the Kaia app (Google Play Store or App Store). You can begin your web-guided back exercises just as soon as you've entered the code.

The app runs on the iOS (from Version 8) and Android (from Version 4.0) operating systems.

More information on web-guided back treatment:

  • Scientific studies have proven the pain-relieving effects of using the app.
  • Kaia Health Software GmbH developed the web-based back exercises in collaboration with leading doctors and on the basis of scientifically-based, multi-modal pain treatment.
  • Find out more about back pain. The CSS health glossary contains simple explanations of illnesses and their causes and symptoms.

Do you have any questions?

Our specialists, the CSS health coaches, will be happy to answer your questions in person.

Technical problems? Please contact service@kaiahealth.com

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