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Online sleep training – for a restful night

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Or do you wake up in the early hours and can never get back to sleep? We know that the more we make an effort to sleep, the less likely we are to succeed. One in three people nowadays complains of poor sleep. It impairs our everyday lives, and has a negative impact on our health and performance. With the online sleep training developed by mementor, we can help you cope with your sleep problems. Over a number of modules, a digital sleep expert will teach you important facts about sleep, show you relaxation exercises, and identify the best times for you to sleep. It's all based on your digital sleep diary.

Our offer for you: online sleep training

For the time being the offer is only available in German.

Benefits of online sleep training

  • Training is not tied to any particular time or place
  • Sleep training is adjusted continually in line with your needs
  • Learn relaxation exercises for everyday life
  • Find the best times for you to sleep
  • Free if you are aged 18 and over and you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras

Are you interested?

Test our offer free of charge to find out whether online training is right for you. As soon as your answers have been evaluated, you can register and, providing you have the right type of insurance cover, you’ll get access to online sleep training within three working days.  

Further details on online sleep training

  • The online sleep training programme contains six modules. These have been developed in collaboration with universities and sleep centres, and their effectiveness tested in a clinical trial.
  • To learn more about sleep disorders (available in German and French). The CSS health encyclopaedia contains simple explanations of illnesses and their causes and symptoms.

Do you have any questions?

Our specialists, the CSS health coaches, will be happy to answer your questions in person.