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CSS Insurance

Insure your child before birth

Congratulations – you’re expecting! Insure your baby as early as possible before the birth to make sure your little one has comprehensive protection from the very beginning.

Insure your unborn child – For a safe start in life!

Taking out insurance for your baby before the birth has two major advantages for you as an expecting parent: your child is protected from day one, whether it arrives prematurely or has a congenital illness, and will be admitted to the supplementary insurance plan without any restrictions.

Pregnancy – what does the insurance pay?

When pregnant, the question of insurance cover naturally also applies to the expectant mother and not just the child. We have summarised all the maternity benefits provided by CSS Insurance for you.

Premiums & family discount

Premiums depend on where you live and what deductible you choose. In the case of children, we recommend not selecting a higher deductible, i.e. staying at CHF 0.

CSS offers up to 100% family discount, provided at least one parent is already insured with us. Do you find this offer attractive? Our client advisors will be happy to meet with you in person in your area.