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CSS Insurance

Suspension during military service

Basic insurance can be suspended during military service. Are you required to do more than 60 consecutive days of military service? Then you can suspend basic insurance.

Frequently asked questions

How do I notify CSS of my military service?

It's quite simple - you can let us know about your military service via form or via myCSS (Fill out the form under suspend KVG). Please inform us at least eight weeks prior to commencing service (incl. copy of marching orders).

At the end of your military service, we need confirmation of the number of days served.

If I'm working for the military, can I suspend the insurance?

Yes. If you work for the military for more than 60 days, you can suspend basic insurance.

Can I suspend basic insurance during a refresher course (RC)?

A refresher course generally lasts for 19 days of service. However, if the refresher course exceeds 60 days, then you can suspend basic insurance.

Can I also notify you of the suspension retroactively?

No, unfortunately not. We need the information 8 weeks in advance.