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Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

The Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides you with financial peace of mind in the event of hospitalisation. For every day of your stay – from the third day in the event of illness, and the first in the case of an accident – you will receive the agreed lump sum.

Our product for you: Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Benefits of Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

  • A daily indemnity of between CHF 50 and CHF 350
  • No proof required of extra costs caused by accident or illness
  • Advance payments in the event of prolonged hospitalisation
  • Lump sum per birth (10 times the amount of the daily indemnity) 

Premiums & discounts

Premiums depend on your age when you take out the insurance, and the option you choose. As someone who is already insured with CSS, you get a 10% client discount. Combine Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance with myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance and benefit from a 25% combination discount on your premium.

Further details about Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

The sum agreed in advance can be used according to your own individual needs and preferences; either as a contribution toward the additional cost of a one or two-bed room, to cover the loss of salary or to hire a home help.

Which benefits are important to you? Select the option that suits you best.

Option per day per month max. per hospital stay
Benefit plan A CHF 150 CHF 4,500 CHF 216,000
Benefit plan B CHF 250 CHF 7,500 CHF 360,000
Benefit plan C CHF 350 CHF 10,500 CHF 504,000
Benefit plan D CHF 50 CHF 1,500 CHF 72,000
Benefit plan E CHF 100 CHF 3,000 CHF 144,000

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