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Accidental Death or Disability Insurance

A serious illness or accident always causes suffering. When it has tragic consequences such as disability or even death, it can also cause severe financial problems on top of everything else. Insure yourself at an early stage, and protect yourself against costs you cannot afford.

Our product for you: Accidental Death or Disability Insurance

Benefits of Accidental Death or Disability Insurance

  • Death lump sum of up to CHF 100,000 or CHF 1,050,000 in case of disability as a result of an accident
  • Valid worldwide
  • Choice of different lump sum options
  • Progression of the disability lump sum up to 350%

Premiums & discounts

Premiums depend on your gender and the sum you choose to insure. Children get a 50% family discount.


Further details about Accidental Death or Disability Insurance

Accidental Death and Disability Insurance is suitable for everyone. It is a particularly effective form of protection for those who have to care for others, such as parents or single parents.

  • Firstly, the insured capital covers your lost earnings if you become disabled. Depending on your needs, the money can be used for occupational retraining, for equipment to help with housework or for measures to improve mobility.
  • Should you die, the lump-sum payment helps to prevent your survivors getting into financial difficulties.
  • Paid regardless of benefits due from other insurers
  • myCSS client portal & the myCSS app 

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