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Unwanted phone calls from brokers

Unsolicited phone calls from brokers is a topic that regularly crops up – especially in the autumn. CSS follows strict rules on telemarketing.

Rules against unwanted calls

We have all been annoyed by unwanted phone calls from brokers looking to sell us new insurance. Swiss health insurance companies also find this unfair method of acquiring new customers unacceptable, as unsolicited advertising calls from dubious brokers bring the entire industry into disrepute. CSS is actively committed to improving the quality of the broker market and preventing phone cold calling. It has therefore joined with the other health insurers affiliated to curafutura, the industry association, to establish quality standards in this area. These rules will now be strictly applied and essentially comprise the following measures:

  • Brokers working for CSS must be registered with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) – an important point as brokers often call from abroad (but with a Swiss number).
  • Clearly defined telemarketing quality standards must be observed. These include: no pretending to call for a different reason (such as market research); indicating where the caller obtained the address and phone number; providing written confirmation of insurance taken out by phone, with a guaranteed 14-day right to withdraw from the contract.
  • CSS pledges that its employees and external brokers will not engage in telephone cold calling (i.e. calling people who have not previously been in contact with the insurer).
  • The health insurance companies work only with properly trained brokers.

All further points of the full curafutura Code of Conduct can be found in the quality standards.

Reporting unsolicited advertising calls

The website of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) contains wide-ranging information on the subject of unsolicited advertising calls. If you have an asterisk against your entry in the phone directory (indicating that you do not wish advertising calls), you will also find a form on the website that you can use to report any violations. The SECO website also features a form for reporting unfair business practices.