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Fairytale hike “Alice in Wanderland”

CSS supports the Coop family hike as its main partner. The family hike combines exercise outdoors with an adventure based on the fairytale “Alice in Wanderland”.

Relive the famous fairytale while hiking

Coop Familienwanderung

While in “Wanderland,” families must complete a number of challenging tasks in order to free Alice from the clutches of the queen. They will also come across personified fairytale figures and encounter many exciting surprises along the way.

Learn about sun protection in the Sun Tipi

The Partner Village is the starting and finishing point of every hike. It is also the place where families receive picnic blankets, a booklet with all the information they will need, and some snacks for along the way.

CSS sponsors the large Sun Tipi in the Partner Village, where children can playfully discover things about the sun and learn about sun protection. They will also receive a pair of sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and use coloured sunscreen pens for making patterns on their skin.

All the while the Sun Queen sits on her throne in the middle of the Sun Tipi and hands out small rewards to those who protect themselves from the sun. Once everyone is properly prepared, they set out on the fairytale hike.

Details on the family hike: