CSS Insurance

Lukas Kauer PhD

Research Associate



Studies in economics at the Universities of Zurich (2003-2007) and of St. Gallen (2010-2013)


PhD in Economics and Finance (2013)
lic. oec. publ. (2007) (MA in Economics)


PhD Thesis on disability, education and work at the University of St. Gallen
Studies of economics at the University of Zurich


Research associate at the CSS Institute for empirical health economics
Lecturer at University of Zurich
Research stay at Harvard Medical School, Department of Health Care Policy
Research Associate at the Center for Disability and Integration of the University of St. Gallen
Research associate at the Winterthur Institute for Health Economics (WIG) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Selected Publications

Schmid, Christian P. R., Konstantin Beck and Lukas Kauer (2018) Health Plan Payment in Switzerland, in Thomas G. McGuire and Richard van Kleef (eds), Risk Adjustment, Risk Sharing and Premium Regulation in Health Insurance Markets: Theory and Practice, Elsevier Publishing, London, San Diego, p. 453-489.

Kauer, Lukas (2017) Long-term effects of managed care, Health Economics, 26 (10), p. 1210-23.

Deuchert, Eva, Lukas Kauer, Helge Liebert and Carl Wuppermann (2017) Disability discrimination in higher education: analyzing the quality of counseling services, Education Economics, 25 (6), p. 543-53.

Deuchert, Eva und Lukas Kauer (2017) Hiring Subsidies for People with a Disability – Evidence from a Small Scale Field Experiment, International Labour Review, 156 (2), p. 269-85.

Deuchert, Eva, Lukas Kauer und Flurina Meisen Zannol (2013) Would You Train Me with My Mental Illness – Evidence From a Discrete Choice Experiment, Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, 16, p. 67-80.