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myGuide: your digital guide

Are you or a member of your family feeling ill? You can enter your symptoms in myGuide and get initial advice straight away.

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myGuide offers the following advantages:

  • Checks your medical symptoms, anywhere, any time.
  • Advises whether you should go to the doctor, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Helps recognise medical warning signs.
  • Can be used for free by CSS customers and their families.
  • Meets the very highest standards of security and data protection.

Good to know

Data protection
With myGuide, your data is secure. CSS makes your privacy a priority. That is why myGuide meets the very highest standards of security and data protection.
Proven system
Developed by medical professionals and health informatics specialists, myGuide is already used in a similar form by a variety of healthcare institutions including medical practices and pharmacies.
Accuracy of content
myGuide is based on a software solution by in4medicine AG. in4medicine AG is responsible for the accuracy of the medical content of myGuide.
CSS terms and conditions
Regardless of what myGuide recommends, the CSS terms and conditions for the insurance product in question always apply. For example, if myGuide is advising you to see a doctor and you have Callmed basic insurance, please call the telemedicine centre first before acting on the recommendation from myGuide.
Recommended by experts
The International Board of Experts in Medical Triage recommends myGuide. The Board is made up of internationally recognised medical experts with a track record in researching and developing tools for initial medical assessments.

How it works

myGuide: your digital guide

myGuide was developed by medical professionals and health informatics specialists. This digital service asks you questions about your medical symptoms. You don’t get a diagnosis, but it does give you specific advice about what to do next. If you don’t need to go to a doctor or a pharmacy, you’ll get immediate tips on how to treat your complaint.

myGuide doesn't replace us as doctors, it just saves you the internet search, which can often be confusing. The digital guide is simply structured and delivers quick, clear information for patients.
Dr. Philippe Luchsinger, family doctor, Affoltern am Albis

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Improved functionality, attractive design and other useful services for “getting healthy”.

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