Types of sport

Endurance, strength or ball games – discover new types of sport and benefit from expert knowledge. As your health partner, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and pay a share of your spending on sport.

SUP yoga

The combination of stand-up paddling and yoga trains stability and flexibility.

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Plogging: Lauftraining kombiniert mit Umweltschutz
Jogging for the environment

Jog, bend down and pick up litter: the eco-friendly way to exercise.

Street Racket

Marcel Straub tells us in an interview what excites him about Street Racket.

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Videos, tips and tricks: Find more flexibility, strength and relaxation.

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Snowshoe trails

10 simple tours with tips for preparation and planning.

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The fascination of trail running: interview with Kathrin Götz
Trail running

What does an ultra trail runner eat? What's the best way to recover?

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Langlauf Klassisch: Mit 4 Übungen verbessern Sie Ihre Technik
Classic cross-country skiing

Claudia Schmid presents 4 simple exercises that are well worth the effort.

Langlauf Übungen: In 8 Schritten die Skating Technik verbessern
Skate skiing

With these 8 techniques you can learn to get ahead faster when skate skiing.

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Wie Klettertraining Körper und Geist herausfordert
Climbing strengthens body and mind

Bouldering is the ideal form of training for body control and concentration.

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Tips for running

A few tricks can help you improve your running technique and enjoy the sport even more.

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