Pump tracks: a circuit of rollers for all the family

Pumptrack in der Schweiz: die Übersicht Pumptrack in der Schweiz: die Übersicht

They're currently popping up all over the place: pump tracks. Originally designed as playgrounds for BMX and mountain bikers, they are now being ridden by all the family. We've put together an overview of the main tracks, and reveal what these circuits of rollers and berms are all about.

Pump tracks: getting around without pedalling

A pump track is a continuous circuit of banked turns interspaced by rollers that can be ridden on all kinds of human-powered vehicles. Or to put it a little less technically, pump tracks mean great fun for all the family!

Many places in Switzerland have created asphalt pump tracks near sports facilities and children's playgrounds, making these undulating circuits accessible to a wider public. They can be ridden on kickboards, inline skates, skateboards and balance bikes, for example, as well as pedal-powered BMX bikes and classic mountain bikes. Even though pump tracks have their origins in the BMX scene, they're tackled without the use of pedals – riders propel themselves forward via rhythmic, up and down body movements known as «pumping». To enable riders to get round the track without pedalling, the rollers are spaced at regular intervals and the elements are approx. 40 centimetres high.

What does the term «pump track» mean?

The two elements that make up this term – «pump» and «track» – are more or less self-explanatory: track refers to the undulating circuit, «pump» to the up-and-down body motion.

Roots in the 1970s

BMX bikes first became popular in the 1970s and '80s. Riding on undulating dirt tracks was part of the sport even back then – after all, it was a bit like motocross on bicycles. In the 2000s, pump tracks were mainly used by mountain bikers for training purposes. In the meantime, pump tracks have become mainstream – and we can certainly speak of them as a trend. Whereas the first pump tracks were built out of dirt and therefore required a great deal of maintenance, today's circuits are made of asphalt and built to last. They're seen by communes, towns and neighbourhoods as a meaningful leisure time activity. They've become a place where locals can meet, somewhere that is easily accessible and provides a great opportunity for outdoor exercise.

Pump tracks in Switzerland: the main sites

For everyone keen to try out a pump track: grab your bike from the basement, put on your padding and protection – and off you go. There's no shortage of possibilities:

Pump track






Rolling Rock AG Aarau
CMC VD Aigle
Pumptrack Altendorf SZ Altendorf
Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack GR Arosa
Pumptrack Bad Zurzach AG Bad Zurzach
Non Territorial Dirtparks BS Basel
Sportplatz Buschweilerhof BS Basel
Bellwald Tourismus VS Bellwald
Velosolutions Pumptrack Beringen SH Beringen
Pumptrack Lorraine Bern BE Bern
Pumptrack Mittel-Rheintal SG Berneck
Pumptrack Wildermeth Biel BE Biel
Pumptrack Birmensdorf ZH Birmensdorf
Pumptrack Wasserschloss Surfing Nature AG Brugg
Pumptrack Champéry VS Champéry
Pumptrack Segnes GR Chur
Bike Park Crans-Montana VS Crans Montana
Adventure Park Davos Färich GR Davos
Pumptrack Amedes GR Domat/Ems
Flims Laax Falera GR Flims/Laax/Falera
Mountainbike-Club Flawil SG Flawil
Pumptrack Frauenfeld TG Frauenfeld
Gattikon (mobiler Pumptrack) ZH Gattikon
Pumptrack Gempen SO Gempen
Velodrome Suisse SO Grenchen
Pumptrack in Clos des Frès VS Grimentz
Pumptrack Güttingen TG Güttingen
Pumptrack Hägendorf SO Hägendorf
Freeride Connection Horw LU Horw
Pumptrack Hasliber-Goldern BE Hasliberg
Bikepark Hölstein BL Hölstein
Pumptrack Jenaz GR Jenaz
Mobiler Pumptrack der Gemeinde Köniz BE Köniz
Flimser Bergwelt GR Laax
VC Leibstadt AG Leibstadt
Bike Park Lenzerheide GR Lenzerheide
Pumptrack Wartegg LU Luzern
Pumptrack Eschergut GR Malans
Associazione MoMo Bike Mendrisio TI Mendrisio
WYDELI Spielplatz GL Mollis
Pumptrack de Morgins VS Morgins
Pumptrack Münchwilen TG Münchwilen
Nendaz VS Nendaz
Pumptrack Parpan beim Hotel Bestzeit GR Parpan
Indoorbikepark Pfäffikon ZH ZH Pfäffikon ZH
Pumptrack Cuntschett GR Pontresina
Riehen BS Riehen
Velosolutions Pumptrack Savièse VS Savièse
Pumppark Saanen BE Saanen-Gstaad
Pumptrack am See TG Salmsach
Oberried, Thömus AG BE Oberried
Pro Velo Pumptrack Breite SH Schaffhausen
Pumptrack Schattdorf UR Schattdorf
Pumptrack Schmerikon SG Schmerikon
Rollsportpark Schüpfheim LU Schüpfheim
Pumptrack on Tour im Kanton Schwyz SZ Schwyz
Pump Park Sils i.D. GR Sils in Domleschg
Pumptrack Sportzentrum Mulets Silvaplana GR Mulet
Pumptrack Hub TG Steckborn
Pump Garden St.Gallen SG St.Gallen
Pumptrack Signalbahn GR St. Moritz
Bike Park Leimental BS Therwil
Pumptrack Thun BE Thun
Pumptrack Toggenburg SG Toggenburg
Pumptrack Zeughausareal ZH Uster
Bikepark Verbier VS Verbier
Pumptrack und Skatepark VD Villars-Gryon
Bikepark am See SG Walenstadt
Pump Track Walkringen BE Walkringen
BMX Bike Park Weinfelden TG Weinfelden
Pumptrack Weissenstein Park SO Weissenstein
Pumptrack Wildhus SG Wildhaus
Sportamt Winterthur ZH Winterthur
Wiriehornbahnen AG BE Wiriehorn
Dirpark Schiesskanal BE Wohlen bei Bern
Freizeitpark Erlenmoos SZ Wollerau
Mobiler Pumptrack Zermatt VS Zermatt
Zinal VS Zinal
Pumptrack Zizers GR Zizers
Bikepark Allmend ZH Zürich
Bikepark Sihlcity ZH Zürich
Pumptrack Zürichberg ZH Zürichberg
Pumptrack Zweisimmen BE Zweisimmen

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