Liability Insurance

Imagine you accidentally damage your aunt’s expensive porcelain vase. Then our personal Liability Insurance will pay for the damage. It covers all claims for personal injury, property damage and monetary losses. It also wards off unjustified claims.

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The advantages for you

  • It protects not only you, but everyone who lives with you.
  • You benefit from free legal advice by phone in all areas of Swiss law.
  • We arrange emergency assistance 24/7.

Good to know

Do you have a pet?
Damage caused by common pets like cats and dogs is also insured.
Discount for CSS customers
CSS customers get a 10% discount. You save an additional 5% if you take out a five-year contract.
You can view your policy at any time in our client portal.

How it works

Liability Insurance – protects you and your family against third-party claims for damages

Liability Insurance covers:

  • Personal injury: injury, damage to health or killing of persons
  • Damage to animals: injury, damage to health or killing of animals
  • Property damage: destruction, damage or loss of property
  • Monetary losses: financial disadvantages or losses as a result of insured personal injury or property damage

You can also insure for:

  • A waiver of benefit reductions in the event of gross negligence
  • The driving of third-party motor vehicles
  • The hiring and borrowing of horses
  • Insurance cover for secondary occupations  
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