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International insurance cover (IHP)

Are you planning to move abroad, either for a short time or permanently? Depending on which country you’re moving to, your mandatory insurance cover will lapse. We have a solution for you: the International Health Plan. It gives you worldwide protection.

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The advantages for you

  • Worldwide illness and accident cover.
  • Supplementary insurance guarantee on returning to Switzerland.
  • Cover for transport, rescue and recovery costs.
  • Free choice of doctor and hospital.
  • Emergency medical advice by phone 24/7.

Good to know

For all your needs
International insurance cover is suitable for stays abroad – whether temporary or indefinite.
Anywhere in the world
Whether in the country where you live, while temporarily visiting Switzerland or on holiday, we’ve got you covered.
When you return to Switzerland, we guarantee you’ll get insurance cover without having to undergo a medical examination.

Benefits at a glance

  • The insurance (International Health Plan) provides comprehensive insurance cover worldwide in the event of illness, accident and maternity for individuals who permanently reside outside Switzerland.
  • Up to CHF 100,000 per insured person and calendar year for outpatient treatment from officially recognised general practitioners, specialists, chiropractors and osteopaths.
  • Up to CHF 1,000,000 per insured person and calendar year for hospitalisation in officially regulated and state-recognised hospitals.
  • When you return to Switzerland, we guarantee you’ll get insurance cover, regardless of your state of health. This includes mandatory basic insurance and, on request, the supplementary insurance products myFlex Balance Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Balance Hospitalisation Insurance (or equivalent successor products).
  • You get access to our myCSS customer portal and to the myCSS app.

View premiums

The premiums for the International Health Plan (IHP) are based on the age group (the maximum age for taking out a new policy is 70 years), the chosen deductible and the average cost of healthcare in the country of residence.

Deductible options
  • Option 1:
    Outpatient treatment CHF 300 / calendar year
    Hospitalisation CHF 1,000 / calendar year
  • Option 2:
    Outpatient treatment CHF 900 / calendar year
    Hospitalisation CHF 3,000 / calendar year

Premium for persons who are resident outside the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore

Age Option 1 Option 2
1-18 CHF 137.50 CHF 122.40
19-25 CHF 217.50 CHF 193.60
26-30 CHF 250.00 CHF 222.50
31-35 CHF 265.00 CHF 235.90
36-40 CHF 285.00 CHF 253.70
41-45 CHF 345.00 CHF 307.10
46-50 CHF 445.00 CHF 396.10
51-55 CHF 565.00 CHF 502.90
56-60 CHF 805.00 CHF 716.50
61+ CHF 930.00 CHF 827.70

Premium for persons who are resident in the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore

Age Option 1 Option 2
1-18 CHF 159.50 CHF 142.00
19-25 CHF 252.30 CHF 224.50
26-30 CHF 290.00 CHF 258.10
31-35 CHF 307.40 CHF 273.60
36-40 CHF 330.60 CHF 294.20
41-45 CHF 400.20 CHF 356.20
46-50 CHF 516.20 CHF 459.40
51-55 CHF 655.40 CHF 583.30
56-60 CHF 933.80 CHF 831.10
61+ CHF 1'078.80 CHF 960.10
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