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Mergers in the CSS Group

As a health partner, we are committed to modern health services and fair premiums. This means reacting to changes in the healthcare market and focusing firmly on the needs of our clients.

What is new in 2022:

Mandatory health insurance (KVG)

INTRAS Kranken-Versicherung AG and Sanagate AG have merged with Arcosana AG. As a result of the merger, Arcosana AG now assumes all rights and obligations of the other two companies. Persons insured with INTRAS and Sanagate have received an offer for a similar insurance model with Arcosana.

Supplementary insurance (VVG)

INTRAS Versicherung AG has merged with CSS Versicherung AG. As a result of the merger, CSS Versicherung AG now assumes all rights and obligations of INTRAS Versicherung AG. Supplementary insurance from INTRAS Versicherung AG will remain unchanged, however the insurer is now CSS Versicherung AG.

Frequently asked questions

What advantages do I gain from the merger?

You will enjoy more stable premiums in the long term. Less effort and money will be spent on administration, and we will have more time for customer service and quality.

Will my basic insurance change?

INTRAS / Sanagate basic insurance:
Yes. Clients of Intras Kranken-Versicherung AG and Sanagate AG will be offered a similar insurance model with Arcosana AG when they receive the policy in October 2021.

Arcosana basic insurance:
No. Your basic insurance and chosen insurance model will remain in place. There will be no change to the insurance benefits.

Will anything about my supplementary insurance change?

INTRAS supplementary insurance products:
Your supplementary insurance and benefit cover will both stay the same. The only thing that will change as a result of the merger is the legal entity, which will become CSS Versicherung AG.

Will my basic insurance premium change?

Yes. The premium is affected by many factors each year. The merger is just one factor. Others include how healthcare costs develop in each canton, the results achieved at cantonal level, the number of insured persons and the change in risk compensation, etc.

However, the merger will have a positive effect on premium stability in the long term. Risks will be spread over a larger number of insured persons. How you benefit.

Will my point of contact change?

Your points of contact will remain the same. You can find your own personal client advisor in myCSS or the myCSS app. Don’t have myCSS? Contact your local CSS agency or our Contact Centre on 0844 277 277.

Who can help me with questions about the merger?

Call our helpline on 0844 277 123. We are here for you and happy to help.

Will I be given a new client number?

No. Your client number will stay the same.

Will I receive a new policy?

Your current policy will remain valid until the end of the year. You’ll receive the new policy for the 2022 insurance year in October 2021, as usual.

Can I continue to use myCSS with all the data?

Yes, you can go on using myCSS. You will still find all your data and queries there.

Will I receive a new insurance card?

Yes. Clients with basic insurance from INTRAS Kranken-Versicherung AG or Sanagate AG will receive a new insurance card by post by the end of December. Please use this from 1 January 2022. The card will also be displayed in myCSS from then on.

How do I submit my bills for repayment?

You can submit refund forms via the client portal or by post, as before.


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