Impressionen CSS Quality Crystal – 12. September 2018

Cooperation based on partnership

CSS attaches great importance to quality and integrated care. If we and our partners are to make progress together in these areas, there must be a foundation of trust and mutual understanding.

Changes within the CSS Group

We are committed to high quality health services and fair premiums. As a health partner, we react to client needs and changes in the healthcare market. That is why we have made the following changes as of 2022:

Mandatory health insurance

INTRAS Kranken-Versicherung AG and Sanagate AG have merged with Arcosana AG. As a result of the merger, Arcosana AG now assumes all rights and obligations of the other two companies. Persons insured with INTRAS Kranken-Versicherung AG and Sanagate AG have received an offer for a similar insurance model with Arcosana AG.

The merger of INTRAS Kranken-Versicherung AG and Sanagate AG with Arcosana AG was carried out in consultation with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Supplementary health insurance

INTRAS Versicherung AG has merged with CSS Versicherung AG. As a result of the merger, CSS Versicherung AG now assumes all rights and obligations of INTRAS Versicherung AG. Supplementary insurance from INTRAS Versicherung AG will remain unchanged, however the insurer is now CSS Versicherung AG.

The mergers were entered in the Swiss commercial register on 3 January 2022 and became legally effective on publication in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce on 6 January 2022.

Transparency and trust

We seek to achieve this by being as transparent as possible, and expect the same degree of transparency in return. This section contains background information on CSS’s values and the ways in which we work with service providers, our partners in the healthcare system.

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Health partner

Being healthy, getting well or living with illness: whatever our clients are going through, we and our partners are here for them. As a highly efficient and competent insurer with reliable and committed service providers.

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