Brokers’ commissions

In order to promote high quality and cost-effective advice, CSS is in favour of stepping up cooperation throughout the entire health insurance industry by means of a self-regulatory industry agreement for basic and supplementary insurance, including corresponding sanctions. The industry agreement promotes quality and transparency in intermediation activities while also limiting the amount of commission paid. CSS also supports changing the law in such a way that this agreement will be declared generally binding by the federal government at the industry’s request.

Your health partner

As a health partner, we are committed to leading a healthy life, actively taking steps to regain one's health and developing a mindful approach to illness.

Being healthy
We help our clients find and maintain their balance, physically and mentally.
For a healthy life
Becoming healthy
We help anyone who is ill or has medical questions to find their way through the maze and quickly get the answers they need.
Steps to getting healthy
Living with illness
We have additional offers that encourage a mindful approach to chronic diseases.
Coping with illness