CSS Association

Founded as a self-help organisation in 1899, CSS is now a non-listed holding company under Swiss company law.

Become a member

Advantages of membership

  • Election of 40-strong Members Council.
  • Indirect say in electing the Board of Directors.
  • Indirect say in electing the Group auditors and external auditors.
  • Benefit now from 10% discount at enjoy365. The CSS health initiative offers high-quality, health-related products at special conditions.

Who does CSS Insurance belong to?

The CSS Association, which has around 546,000 members, is the sole shareholder. As a result, the primary objective is not to maximise profits. Instead, the Association aims to ensure that profits remain within the company and are used directly or indirectly to benefit the insured persons. The members of the Association elect the 40-strong Members Council from among their own number.

Become a member for free

Condition of membership ist  a supplementary health insurance with the CSS Group.