CSS views digitalisation as an instrument for optimising quality and efficiency in the healthcare system. That is why CSS is committed to providing innovative offers for its clients in the area of digital health. Two of the main aims of digital health are to strengthen self-responsibility and improve networking among the actors in the healthcare system. Within projects such as “myStep”, insured persons take responsibility for their own health and not only exercise more but are left feeling fitter and healthier. With the aid of mobile devices, chronically ill patients are able to monitor their illness, stay mobile and get in touch with healthcare professionals at any time thanks to telecommunications. Service providers will be networked through electronic health records in future. For their part, patients will give the necessary approvals to allow the exchange of data and in so doing benefit from personalised medicine based on the (anonymised) analysis of their data. A meaningful framework must be created that guarantees the security of data without threatening the principle of solidarity within mandatory healthcare insurance and takes the fears of the general population into account. As far as digital offers in the field of basic insurance are concerned, the following criteria must be observed if the principle of solidarity and risk equalisation is not to be undermined: The offer must be voluntary and may only be made in connection with alternative insurance models that are taken out voluntarily. In this context, it must be made available to all insured persons regardless of their age or state of health, and it must bring benefits to everyone involved. Health-conscious behaviour must not be rewarded through additional premium discounts or other benefits in kind. A reward in the form of a reduction in the co-payment if any benefits are drawn constitutes the one exception.

Insured persons will not be the only ones to notice greater transparency thanks to digitalisation: the data analyses conducted by the institutions will also enhance transparency in terms of the services provided. This could promote quality and curb costs. Digitalisation also enables better coverage of client needs. Thus, for example, CSS offers its clients personalised medical advice through myGuide, which is available 24/7.

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As a health partner, we are committed to leading a healthy life, actively taking steps to regain one's health and developing a mindful approach to illness.

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