2022 Swiss National Jamboree

The Swiss National Jamboree is taking place again for the first time in 14 years, from 23 July to 6 August 2022. Goms in Valais will welcome 30,000 scouts for a week of fun and adventure on a site covering 170 hectares. CSS will be part of the action, as a health partner, bringing the topic of «Balance» alive in a

CSS provides support as a health partner

The scouting experience at its finest: that's what the traditional Swiss National Jamboree, set to take place in Goms (Valais) in summer 2022, celebrates. The numbers alone are impressive: 30,000 scouts, 37,000 visitors, a 170-hectare campsite.

And CSS will be part of this major event in Valais, which only takes place once every 14 years, sup­port­ing it as a health partner. It will be creating the roughly 200m2 «CSS Balance Garden»  as part of the on-site amusements. The name says it all: we aim to show how important a physical and mental equilibrium is to leading a healthy life.

The highlight of the «CSS Balance Garden» will be the viewing plat­form, which will be visible from afar. The platform is part of a «tensegrity» sphere: a complex, perfectly bal­an­ced structure made of wooden rods and steel ropes via which the plat­form can be reached by – well-secured – climbers.