Roland Hügi

Roland Hügi


Preventing dementia

Keep the brain fit and healthy to counteract the degenerative process.

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Remedies for migraines

How to relieve the symptoms or even prevent a migraine attack.

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Kinds of headache

There are various potential causes for tension headaches.

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Causes of migraine

Although the causes of migraine are unclear, it’s helpful to look at the triggers.

Gymnastics for the brain

Put a tab on memory lapses with regular brain training.

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Protection against viruses

Although there is no universal remedy for viruses, simple tips can help you fend off viruses.

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How to combat stress?
Reduce stress

There are countless ways of beating stress. We’ve collected our favourites.

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Soforthilfe bei Schäden rund um Ihren Hausrat
Well covered in case of damage

The CSS 24h-hotline guarantees quick assistance in the event of damage caused at home.

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