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Payments and bills

What’s the easiest way to settle a premium statement? What should you do when you receive a doctor’s bill? What happens when a hospital sends the bill directly to CSS? Do you save money if you pay the annual premium in one go? Find the answers to all your questions about bills and payments.

The premium statement

The premium statement is your bill for insurance cover. You generally pay it monthly. You have the following payment options:

  • Direct debit (LSV/DD) (recommended)
  • eBill
  • Payment slip by post or via myCSS

Good to know

How to save
If you pay your premium for the whole year as a single amount, you’ll save 0.25%.
Less time and effort
LSV/DD makes paying your premiums really easy.
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Do everything digitally

Submit bills or check cover at any time using your smartphone.

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Bills from service providers

Service providers are doctors, hospitals, physiotherapists or acupuncturists, for example. There are various ways in which service providers can issue bills:

  1. The bill is addressed to you.
    Forward the bill to us once you have checked it and paid it. We’ll refund the amount minus your co-payment. 
  2. The bill is addressed to us.
    We pay the bill and check how high your co-payment is. We then charge the co-payment to you separately.
Checking bills

Please check all your bills

Whether you receive a bill directly from a service provider or from us, please check carefully that all the details are correct. Even doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes. Please notify us immediately of anything that isn’t right.

How to check your bills