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Physical health

Our body is fascinating. It performs a multitude of tasks every day. We often don’t notice that until something goes wrong. Let us support you with information about the body and tips to ward off illness.

Tisch mit Erklältungsutensilien wie Fiebermesser, Tee und Kleenex-Box

Flus & colds

Find out what helps and how best to prevent them.

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Mann mit Maske im Supermarkt

Together against the coronavirus

Tips, hygiene products, fitness- and health-related offers: we support you in dealing with COVID-19.

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Tee aufbrühen

Stomach & digestion

Our digestive system supplies our body with the nutrients it needs.

More about digestion
Kind in Skelett-Kostüm

Bones & muscles

The framework that supports our body – a topic that’s important not only to sportspeople.

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Frau mit Einkäufen im Treppenhaus

Heart & circulation

The heart makes sure our organs get enough oxygen.

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