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Physical health

Our body is fascinating. It performs a multitude of tasks every day. We often don’t notice that until something goes wrong. Let us support you with information about the body and tips to ward off illness.

Tisch mit Erklältungsutensilien wie Fiebermesser, Tee und Kleenex-Box

Flus & colds

Find out what helps and how best to prevent them.

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Tee aufbrühen

Stomach & digestion

Our digestive system supplies our body with the nutrients it needs.

More about digestion
Magenschmerzen: Ursachen und Hausmittel
Stomach cramps? Can I do anything about them?

Whether stress or the wrong food: stomach cramps can have many causes.

Household remedy or doctor?
Darmgesundheit: so beeinflusst der Darm Körper und Psyche
The gut: a true marvel

Trillions of bacteria of the intestinal flora have a fundamental influence on our health.

What you need to know
Kind in Skelett-Kostüm

Bones & muscles

The framework that supports our body – a topic that’s important not only to sportspeople.

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Rheuma: Symptome und Behandlung
Rheumatism: what lies behind it

Rheumatism covers 200 diseases. How to treat rheumatism?

Treating rheumatism
Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz hilft gegen Nackenschmerzen
«Neck-friendly» computer work

A few simple tricks can help reduce pain at the workplace.

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Frau mit Einkäufen im Treppenhaus

Heart & circulation

The heart makes sure our organs get enough oxygen.

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Heart failure therapy: this is how the CARE4CARDIO health programme helps
Heart failure therapy

CARE4CARDIO helps patients manage their heart failure.

Blutdruck messen: Darauf kommt es an
Taking blood pressure the easy way

Whether at the doctor or at home: from the age of 18 you should have your blood pressure taken regularly.

Taking blood pressure correctly
Sun allergy

Skin rash after sunbathing: where the causes lie.

Tattoo removal

Laser treatment is the most common method of removing tattoos. What do I need to know?

Removing tattoos
Detecting breast cancer

Monthly self-examination is important for early detection of the disease.


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