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Up to CHF 1,400 for your health

CSS rewards a healthy lifestyle and pays a share of the costs of your efforts to promote your health.

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The advantages for you

  • We actively promote your health with up to CHF 1,400 per year.
  • Free training videos and knowledge about your health.
  • Enjoy attractive prices in the enjoy365 Health Shop.

Good to know


Max. CHF 700 per year for Fitness, Family, Exercise, Other.

Course and fitness costs

We pay 50% per year towards costs, capped at CHF 500.

365 days a year

The active365 app lets you earn CHF 600.

Active membership

We pay 50%, capped at CHF 100 per year.

How to get CHF 1,400

We actively promote your health. The Health Account and active365 rewards app let you benefit from the cost participation.

  • Premium Health Account max. CHF 700 per year for Fitness, Family, Exercise, Other (max. CHF 500 per offer area).
  • Health Account Bonus max. CHF 100 per year for active memberships.
  • active365 up to CHF 600 per year for these activities:
    • Per week: 300 minutes of training, 90 minutes of mindfulness training, 20 minutes of acquiring knowledge plus 70,000 steps.
    • Per year: take part in 8 activeMissions, submit 2x evidence of a health check, a health prevention measure and a social commitment.
    • 4x a year: submit a gym or sports club membership.

Frequently asked questions

You benefit from a Premium Health Account if you have myFlex Hospitali­sation Insurance (Premium) and myFlex Outpatient Insurance (Economy, Balance or Premium).

Your chosen category (Economy, Balance, Premium) of myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance determines the level of benefits under the Health Account.

All gym providers with the Qualitop label, in the Fitness-Guide (with a fitness centre rating of at least three stars) or with the Fit[Safe] or Course[Active] label are recognised. Course providers that are members of TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS are also recognised. However, in the case of gym and fitness chains, not every location will automatically be certified. Please look up the myCSS Benefits Check to see which fitness centres in your local area are actually recognised. Examples of fitness chains recognised by CSS

You need supplementary insurance or property insurance from CSS. Insurance lasting for a duration of less than 360 days (e.g. travel insurance for 17 or 31 days) is excluded.

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