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Taking out a contract, policy details and cancellation

Do you have any questions about taking out a contract, the policy or cancellation? Let us help you keep track of all the important information.

Taking out a contract and confirmation

You take out insurance with us by signing an application and either sending it to us or submitting it digitally. You’ll then receive confirmation from us. The confirmation will include your client number, which you can use for myCSS and when filling out forms.

Your policy

We’ll send you the policy for your basic insurance as soon as your previous insurer has confirmed cancellation. You’ll receive the policy for supplementary insurance once we have reached a decision regarding your admission. This will depend on the health information you provide.

Insurance card

You’ll receive your insurance card about one month after your policy – both as a plastic card and in digital format on myCSS. You can voluntarily store health information and emergency details on the card:

  • Blood type and transfusions
  • Vaccinations
  • Transplant info
  • Allergies and medication
  • Illnesses and consequences of accidents
  • Emergency contact addresses
  • Reference to advance healthcare directives

Service providers, incl. pharmacies and doctors, can read and save your data on the chip. The list of service providers shows you who is authorised to do this. Please note that CSS does not have access to this data.


Cancelling basic insurance

Your contract generally runs for a calendar year. Would you like to cancel your basic insurance? Send your notice of cancellation to us by registered post by 30 November or the last working day in November.

An exception is made for insured persons with a deductible of
CHF 300 (adults) or CHF 0 (children) and regular basic insurance, i.e. not one of the alternative models such as Telmed, HMO, etc. They can switch insurance from 30 June each year. For this to happen, we need to receive notice of cancellation by 31 March (or the last working day in March).

Cancelling supplementary insurance

If no change to premiums: the terms and conditions of your policy apply. In most cases, you can cancel at the end of a calendar year by giving three months' notice, i.e. by 30 September. Please also take note of the minimum contract term of your policy.

If premiums go up: the terms and conditions of your policy also apply here. In most cases, you can cancel the contract within one month.

Attractive premiums

As a CSS customer, you save 10% on insurance such as household contents or liability.

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