Vera Sohmer

Vera Sohmer


Make your own biscuits

Christmas biscuits also taste good with little sugar. 3 recipes to follow.

Healthy way
Nicht nur Kohl und Rüben: Die besten Wintergemüse
Winter vegetables

Which vegetables are in season in winter and what nutrients do they provide?

To the list
Pumpkin, the all-rounder

Low in calories and rich in nutrients: pumpkins good for our health.

Colourful array
Chestnuts are a superfood

Chestnuts taste delicious and provide many valuable nutrients.

Healthy snack
Sore throats

Salt water gargles and quark compresses: soothe sore throats with home remedies.

Household remedies
Air in the stomach

Flatulence is unpleasant but generally harmless. Household remedies often help.

Help with flatulence
Fomo: the fear of missing out
The fear of missing out

FOMO stands for the ‘fear of missing out’.

Causes for blood in the stool

No matter whether light or dark: blood in the stool always indicates some kind of disease.

Recognise the signs
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