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Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance

Illness, accident and maternity can leave you unable to work. In most cases, this leads to a loss of income. Our Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance protects you.

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The advantages for you

  • You can maintain your accustomed standard of living.
  • You enjoy financial protection if unable to work.
  • You can tailor the insurance to your own personal and financial needs.
  • You can start claiming benefits from just 25% work incapacity.

Good to know

The choice is yours
Enjoy a lower premium by selecting a longer waiting period.
Goodbye to financial worries
Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance lets you maintain your normal standard of living.
You can view your policy at any time in our client portal.

How it works

Premiums for Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance are priced in accordance with the risk involved. Factors such as occupation, smoking habits and the waiting period until benefits become payable determine the size of the premium you’ll pay.

Benefits at a glance

  • Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance supplements any benefits you get from your employer's group daily indemnity insurance. That way, you continue to receive your full salary.
  • It can take one or two years before you start receiving benefits from federal disability insurance or your pension fund. Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance bridges this gap.
  • Daily maternity indemnities can be included in the insurance.



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