What does CSS pay?

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your insurance covers a particular benefit? From A for acupuncture to Z for the Zilgrei method – find out what CSS pays.

What benefits are paid?

The insurance you have taken out determines what costs we cover for you.

Benefits under basic insurance

All health insurers pay the same benefits for illness, accident and maternity.

Benefits under supplementary insurance

Each health insurer pays different benefits under supplementary insurance. You can see exactly what CSS pays in the "Overview of benefits", which is also available for download as a PDF. And your policy shows you what supplementary insurance you have taken out.

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What CSS pays towards fitness centre and group courses.

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Glasses & contact lenses

Find out what amount CSS covers for you.

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Hearing aids & insurance

When do IV and AHV contribute, when does general health insurance pay?

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Immediate clarity with the myCSS Benefits Check

The myCSS client portal shows you within seconds which costs CSS covers on your behalf.

  • You see straight away what benefits you are entitled to.
  • Your maximum retention fee is set out clearly.
  • Potential gaps in cover are indicated.
  • Recognised providers and therapists in your local area are displayed.