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Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides financial peace of mind if you have to go into hospital. A fixed amount is paid to you each day. From the third day of hospitalisation for illness, or the very first day if you are hospitalised following an accident.

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The advantages for you

  • You get a fixed daily amount of between CHF 50 and CHF 350.
  • The flat-rate indemnity is paid out even if you don’t incur any additional costs through illness or accident.
  • If you have to stay in hospital for a lengthy period, we’ll make an advance payment.
  • For a birth-related stay, you’ll get a single lump sum equal to 10 daily indemnity payments.

Good to know

Save money
CSS customers get a 10% discount on the Daily Hospital Indemnity premium.
Save even more
Do you have myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance? Then you’ll even get a 25% discount on Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance.
Double indemnity
You are entitled to double the daily indemnity if you are admitted to the intensive care unit or require emergency hospitalisation while abroad.

How it works

Your premium depends on your age and benefit plan. There are five benefit plans to choose from – each with a different flat-rate daily indemnity.

Benefits at a glance

You are free to use the agreed daily indemnity in any way you like, for example for a one- or two-bed room, to cover your loss of earnings or get home help.

Option Per day Per month Max. per hospital stay
Benefit plan A CHF 150 CHF 4‘500 CHF 216‘000
Benefit plan B
CHF 250 CHF 7‘500 CHF 360‘000
Benefit plan C
CHF 350 CHF 10‘500 CHF 504‘000
Benefit plan D
CHF 50 CHF 1‘500 CHF 72‘000
Benefit plan E
CHF 100 CHF 3‘000 CHF 144‘000

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