Flus & colds

Flus and colds are usually harmless. They can have serious consequences for older people, pregnant women, babies and the chronically ill. Protect yourself and those around you.

Immunsystem stärken
Boosting your immune system

6 simple tips for boosting your immune system the natural way.

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Das hilft bei Grippe
Fighting off flu

Tips to combat flu symptoms and when it’s advisable to see a doctor.

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Sore throats

Salt water gargles and quark compresses: soothe sore throats with home remedies.

Household remedies
Protection against viruses

How can we protect ourselves from viruses? Simple tricks can help you fend them off.

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Getting rid of a dry cough

A dry cough is annoying and becomes a real misery at night. Household remedies bring relief.

Household remedies
Was passiert bei Fieber im Körper?
Fever is a good thing

People who catch a cold often develop a fever. And that’s useful.

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