Fitness and exercise tips

You can easily make fitness and exercise an integral part of your everyday life and so lead a healthier life in the long term. These tips will help you get started.


Posture shirts

Posture shirts are designed to help relieve back pain.

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Sicher unterwegs mit dem E-Bike? Ja, klar doch!
E-bikes and safety?

Yes, of course! How to ride your e-bike safely.How to ride your e-bike safely.

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Joggen im Winter: 9 Tipps für Sport an kalten Tagen
Jogging in winter

Keeping fit in winter? With a few basic tricks, you can also train when temperatures are low.

Jogging in winter
Dehnen: Wie geht’s richtig und welche Alternativen gibt es?
Stretching for more flexibility

Fit, healthy and in top form with regular flexibility training.

Train your flexibility
Intervalltraining: Kurzes Training mit grossem Nutzen
HIIT workouts

High-intensity interval training works up a good sweat.

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Garage mit Sportutensilien
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