People often don’t notice how important sleep is until they’re not getting enough of it. We’ll help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Not enough sleep

Our perception of our sleep quality is more important than how long we sleep.

To the consequences
Solve sleep problems

Our customer tells us how online sleep training helped her.

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Schlafprobleme: Wie Blaulicht den Schlaf beeinflusst
Avoid blue light

Mobile devices next to the bed make it harder to fall asleep and disturb sleep quality.

Helpful tips
Sleep cycle keeps us healthy

Five stages of sleep make up the nightly cycle: vital for resting and learning.

Discover stages of sleep
Sleep better

People who practise sport sleep better. On the other hand, too much sport can have the opposite effect.

Optimise your sleep
Schlafhygiene: Tipps für ungestörte Nachtruhe
An uninterrupted night’s sleep

Good sleep hygiene with a few rules and rituals can work wonders.

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Power nap

Just a ten- to twenty-minute power nap is sufficient to feel revived.

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